January 2019 Printable Calendar Templates

Hey, Folks, I am thrilled that you have come here to this website in searching of January 2019 Calendar, the thing that I love most in this is you are an attentive person because I have seen that so many people are still sleeping and behaving lethargically, but you are not of them. Let me tell you we have here provided January Calendar in various formats, like in PDF formats, Holidays Calendar, Blank Calendar, and we have also tried to cover every single detail regarding the printable calendars.

January 2019 Calendar

January 2019 Calendar


Do you know? Average working hours of the regular person in the USA are about 12-14 hours a day. The main reason for letting you know about the timings is to tell you that how much hard work we USA peoples do. I know that you are also a guy who is one of them because you are searching for the Calendars for your daily use and these calendars are like blessings for the persons those who are fully scheduled and knows the value of time. I hope you are all aware of the uses of the Printable Calendars.

If not then listen, Calendars are the very old concept as these calendars are in vogue from the past hundred years but these printable calendars are now become the demand of the new generation because earlier calendars were available in the hard formats and these calendars were not so easy to carry and I know “The necessity is the mother of Invention” and then these printable format calendars were introduced and these calendars are really very easy to take as you can save it easily on the devices that you use in your daily routine like PC, Laptop, Tablets or whatever you use.

You can easily use these calendars what all you now need to do is just to print it and get a hard copy of the calendar that you want to use and I know carrying a single page of paper with you is not that much difficult as carrying a heavy calendar with you. In this article below you will see that there are so many things you will get here. If you are a new calendar user then I will be very happy because here I am helping you to serve with the help of these printable calendars.

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2019 January Calendar

I hope that you have here understood that what is the use of these Printable Calendars? Here I have shared the first and the very helpful template for the first month of the 2019 year, You can easily download this on your device and then you can use it for your daily Schedules and Meeting etc.

2019 January Calendar


January is the starting month of every year, In other words, you can say this is the new starting or the new year’s starting. If you have left something in the previous year then now this is the best time to start something because you have full time now. I would like to suggest you, start new and I am sure that you have the potential and you can easily get the success in your life.

These printable calendars are the best way to get all the updates that are about to come. With the help of these useful themes you can update all your events within very less time and then you can check it on your daily basis so that you will be updated on the all future events. I think you have started using these printable calendars after the year 2015 or 2016 because earlier these printable calendars were not in use majorly.

If you will search for the Printable Calendars on the Google then you will see various calendars there but at this website, you won’t need to roam here and there for searching of different categories of the calendars. Just think If you are getting all services at a single place then why you need to go to any other place just for the same services.


I hope all the points that I am discussing with you from the above is clearing to you. If there is any correction or doubt regarding these printable calendars, then you can easily put your query in the comment box below, this will help you to get your question solved, or this will also help us in making corrections.

January 2019 Printable Calendar

January 2019 Printable Calendar


What I think is this printable calendars are blessings because these printable calendars will help you to set your schedule and with the help of a table you can quickly set your priorities. If I conclude this in one sentence then you are “Moving towards the Success”. You may ask that how we are moving towards the success just because the help of this then let me tell you one thing if you are using these printable calendars then surely you are adopting something good habits. Just read this article- Some Habits of the Success People, here the first point that you will see is “Successful people plan out their day the night before” I think this point is very clear to make you understand the importance of the planning. This is the human phenomenon that every person in life wants to get Successful in their life but the thing is how much change does he or she accepts in their selves. For me, Success means that how much you are changing yourself from earlier. See, these printable calendars are not miracles but these are the tools that show you the way and will tell you the all upcoming and important dates and events that you have to join or what else you have programmed to. Oh Yeah!! For writing on the Calendars we have also provided you with some Blank Editable Calendar, these blank calendars are helpful in writing on them. For Example: If you want to write some long information on the calendar then you can easily write there because with the dates and dates there is some blank space available on the calendar.

January 2019 Calendar Printable


Above we were discussing on some habits of the Successful people. Now I am coming to the point that How Printable Calendars will help you to become Successful? It so understands that Success is not about a single day game. For getting success in life, you must have to start from the very initial. You have to take the single step first and then if you have the capability and you are in the right direction then you will yourself reach to your destination and that destination is only “Success”.

So these printable calendars are like that initial step which you have to take by using it, you can use these calendars very smoothly just choose the calendars which suit your need and then save it on your devices thereafter you need to do that print and after printing that calendar you must write on what are your future events etc. that you need to know for the future, as you can say it is like a blueprint for your upcoming events. It is quite Simple. Let me discuss you some comparison between these new printable calendars and old hard cover calendars. One thing you can notice yourself that these printable calendars are very sober and stylish which give impact to your workings. There are so many calendars available online, but I suggest you choose only that schedules which suit your need.

These calendars are mainly used by working peoples, students, business professionals etc. If you are Student and you are also searching for the Printable Calendars then in the below section we have primarily shared handy calendars for you. At that timetable, I have given some space for the Goals that you want to achieve in the whole month. For example, In January month you are going to give your Exams and your target to make is 90%+ then you can write there “I want to achieve 90%+ in your January Exams”. If you will see that again and again written on your calendars then you will start preparing for that and your all focus will be on studies then. Read the given article carefully.

We have also shared a unique and very sweet Calendar Template for the Girls; I hope Girls would like it. Have a look below.


How is it? I can surely say that you have liked this Template. So Girls, read the below article and if you want to download all the calendars of January month then below you will get the link of a PDF from where you can easily download that.

Calendar 2019 January with Holidays

Calendar 2019 January with Holidays

Holidays are the best Gift given by God 😛 We are always in the search for some holidays because we have already done almost so much work so this time we want to do relax. For your convenience, we have provided you January month’s various calendars, and you will be able to see all the holidays that are about to about come in the same month. Maybe you have you a lot of preplans for the January month and I wish you enjoy a lot this month. In the USA we people will get about 11 holidays including all Jewish, federal, orthodox, Christian holidays. You can easily get these Holidays calendar in this post by which you can easily make the schedules and planning regarding the outings and all the joyful events that you want to go in the January month. I suggest you enjoy your holidays in the better way so that you can easily start your January month in the better way as you can start your 2019 Year so nicely.

Note: People also use their holiday’s calendars for the analyzing their previous works like if you have any holiday at the end of the month i.e. 25th date or whatsoever at that time they analyze what they have done in the whole month and make their self-appraisal reports.


Friend, one thing I have experienced in my life that Holidays should not be the waste. Holidays are the best thing that helps you to enjoy with your family and friends and with your loved ones. When I listen to the word holiday, then the first quote that comes to my mind is of Toni Collette.

Here he is saying that we must spend our holidays with our family and friends and the best thing he is saying here is I don’t have any tension of schedules etc on the holidays because he has already planned for the upcoming events and enjoying his presence.

January 2019 calendar template

If you think your living is not going happy and relaxed and you want to distress your life, then Entrepreneur.com has told some eight ways by which you can come back in your daily life and relieve yourself. You must be thinking of these ways because these are really very practical methods. If you have read this article carefully then on the first, third and eighth point you must focus on because there directly they are telling that person should be fully scheduled, and up to date and for making you scheduled and up-to-date we are providing you different needs printable calendars. You must be Thankful for us because we are providing you with all the services under one head 😛 Just Kidding. Enjoy these printable calendars. I know that directly or indirectly I am going to get blessed because you will use the printable calendars by downloading it from here after that you will start using it, and then you will achieve a lot of things and you say thanks to us in any way, and that is enough for me 😛


I hope these things are clearing you how to use these printable calendars for the different needs. Have a look at this Holiday calendar here you can see the holidays that will lie in this Jan. The month and with the help of this, you can easily make the schedules for your upcoming holidays. Only working and working for long will make your life mundane. If you want to make your life exciting and joyful then start spending time with the persons to whom you love or the person who understands you more than anyone else for that you have to take off from your office but this will deduct your salary, so the best option is to utilize your holidays and spend it with your loved ones. See all the holidays for the January month as well as for other months in advance.

Happiness by Surprise? One day I was leaving for my work and then suddenly one of my old friends came and surprised me and he bought a lovely and handmade Puzzle for me. By first I get shocked that how he has come today from California after 10 years long. He said that I specially came here for you and I had taken a leave just to meet you, this was the really beautiful sentence that I had listened from him and he also said that he has scheduled his meetings for the next month and only for me he has only come here at Utah. From this short story the thing that I want to tell you the happiness that you can bring to your loved ones. As my friend Derik came from Cali. just for me by scheduling his meetings for next week. This shows that he had spared some time for me only. You can also do like this and make anyone feel special and surprised by giving the most expensive gift and that is your presence.


2019 January Calendar for Kids/Students

2019 January Calendar for Kids/Students



Kids are the creations of God. If we parents teach our children the right way to live, then they will develop the best within them. For the sweet and noble children or students, we have shared very cute and very adorable 2019 January Calendars in the Printable formats.

Children I got amazed while I saw that your kids like more than 500+ Things. If parents are searching Calendars for their children, then I want to suggest you one thing that please don’t give stress on your kids because they are very young they don’t have the understanding about their future. You are the one who can make their life right so show them the directions, not the pressure. Just think of the two situations. First one is your child accepts everything that you say to them, and another one is when your child becomes your rebellion. If you pressure your kids, then I am damn sure that second situation will come for sure because every individual wants freedom in their life.


So make a new start from the January month and suggest your children to use these highly effective and goal efficient. Once your children have a good habit of using these printable calendars then they will surely do something good in their life because they will become time savers so they will now only save their precious time. Now you can imagine yourself that how much your children would be flourishing just because of you. I hope you have downloaded this calendar for your Kids. If you want other formats of the Printable calendars then you can check the below calendars, we have provided all the relevant and useful calendars so that your precious time can also be saved.

January 2019 Calendar PDF

Click on the below Orange Color Link to get the January Month Calendar PDF format.


I personally thanks to Mr Camelot for inventing the best PDF formats because, with the help of PDF, files documents are now can easily be stored not only documents but every necessary file and things. The January Calendar in PDF format from here that you are getting is also in the pdf file which will allow you to download and to edit the calendar so that you can write on your own before printing to it. But you can’t print in the PDF file directly after downloading it on your device. I think there is no need to make changes in the PDF formats for the Printable Calendars because these schedules are made with a final touch means you now not any need to modification in the PDF files. If still you need to do that then first you have to download the Software for make changes in that and I know it would be very complex for you so don’t worry and download these calendars in the PDF format and don’t think to make changes in these calendars because these calendars will give you highly satisfaction.


January 2019 Blank Calendar

When I was earlier started using these calendars at that time there were not so many formats were available for the printing and all that but later on from the year 2014 and so on there were these formats were used for the printing the calendars. Anyways what do you think How much changes have come after the Computer Revolution? I think all the IT sector has changed now if you compare it with the past years. Various new technologies have been introduced from that time.

Like if you talk about Printable Calendars then earlier you had to take these calendars from the shops or the other means, but after coming off the PDf files or word documents etc., these calendars are now easily available on your screens what you all need is a printer to print these stylish and adorable calendars. If you want all categories calendars then for your need we have consisted of all the calendars in the single PDF file below. Your all calendars will be available in the single pdf file so that you can get all your calendars on the single go.


Yah! It’s True that above calendars are very useful and helpful but here you now here we have shared you adorable calendar themes in the blank format which has its use as it gives you free space to write, you don’t have to take print another sheet to use the same calendar. I hope this is clearing you the need and importance of Blank Printable Calendar. I am here sharing you two-three different templates for the Blank Printable Calendar which is free of cost. We have also shared the 2019 Printable Calendars Templates in the PDF, Word, Excel and all other favourable formats. These forms will help you to work comfortably, and your job will go smooth and easy.

Hey Buddy, as we are discussing printable calendars then let me discuss you some major events of the year 2019 or mainly for January month because from the January you have to start initially.
The first and the best event for everyone in the world is “New Year Eve”. We USA people eagerly waited for this day so that we can celebrate hard. We all celebrate this event according to ourselves.
Some best places to celebrate New Year in 2019 click here to know the places for celebrating the New Year. I hope you will Love the Places for enjoying the New Year.

And another event or holiday you can say is just because of the Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. he was born on 15 January 1929 and he had also won the noble prize in the year 1964 for nonviolent opposition to the racial intolerance. He had started his revolution from America only. He was one of the youngest people who won the noble prize. He was against racial discrimination as he doesn’t agree on the difference between white and black people. All are same in front of Martin Luther Sir.

Download January 2019 Calendar Excel

Download January 2019 Calendar Excel

For your ease, we have also shared the January 2019 Printable Calendar in the Excel format or .xls format. If you are an Online User or you use PC for a long time and you do make various schedules regarding your work then Excel format will be very helpful for you because with the help of that you can quickly write the upcoming programs or meeting, etc. If you are a new person to it, then let me tell you that how should you use this? It is not difficult to use these calendars but for some persons, it would like a mess, but there is nothing like that. You can easily use it with ease.


Click on this Orange Color Link to get the Printable Calendar in Excel Format.


By first download this calendar in the Excel format and then open the file that you have downloaded from here after that you will see the excel sheet as like you use for your normal working. But the best thing here that you will get is you can create your working graph that Is you working according to the schedule that you have designed for you for the whole month. The best thing is you won’t need any extra space for the calendars because in the excel sheet you already have a lot of cells and rows which will allow you to work easily. I also use the Excel Printable Calendar because I usually forget about my meeting etc. but when I see to the calendar, then I get to know that today I have to meet that people etc. My point is clear here that your work will become easy if you will use the Excel format printable calendar.

I do also use the Excel Printable Calendar because I usually forget about my meeting etc but when I see to the calendar, then I get to know that today I have to meet that people etc. My point is clear here that your work will become easy if you use the Excel format printable calendar.


Excel is used for so many different purposes like for the Data Analysis, calculations etc. but you don’t need to go this much complex because here you are not going to make any companies data, but you are going to create your schedules etc. If you are still getting any issues in using the printable calendar in the Excel format, then you can easily ask your query regarding the same. We are very quick in giving the response, but you must be specific while asking your question.

January Calendar 2019 Word

Word files and PDF files are like brother and sister. These both formats are really very useful and helpful if you are using Desktop for downloading and printing the calendar then this Word document is best for you because in the word format you just have to give the command of Print Button and no other changes you have to make in it because we have already done these work for you now you just have to download and print it for your further uses.

If you will check that nowadays only a few formats are working in the industry for working because these are the highly efficient forms and gives a sense in the working. I wish that you use the best formats for printing the printable calendars.

Click on the Below Orange Color Link to Download your Word File.


Word documents are really very easy to use because we can make changes in them according to our needs whereas in pdf files you have to use as it was created before. Above I have shared you the same 2019 Calendar Word for January month. If you have read the above article, then I have told that we have here shared the all templates in the single Word file you don’t now need to go anywhere by just downloading that you can easily be able to access all calendars.

Here at this website, we have tried to provide you with all the relevant templates and information regarding the 2019 January Calendars. Hey Buddy, Do you know that in the January month on the 1st date China and USA had built their diplomatic relations after a very long gap of 30 years of the foundation of the Public Republican. One more interesting thing had happened on the same day one of the very famous scientists named Satyendra Nath Bose was born and later on he had invented God particle with another famous scientist Einstein. In their invention the major focus was on the Bose-Einstein condensate here, they have created a unique thing. You must read their invention from starting.

January 2019 Blank Calendar


In this Blank Calendar, you can write all your meetings and schedules quickly. For your kind information, if you want to write the dates in this Calendar then the Month has started from the Monday and end on Wednesday. You can also see the above calendars for the dates, and I am sure this schedule is very much helpful for you.

2019 January Calendar with Dates 


I know you may have used various calendars for scheduling your tasks, meetings, events etc. but the best thing about the calendars that we have here provided is an easily editable and printable calendar. You can easily use them as the primary calendars that you use on your regular days. These highly efficient printable calendars here are available for you in various templates. You can choose the calendars which will suit your need.

Hey, Buddy, I want to give some suggestion or advice whatever you want it to say. I had seen so many people those who are using these calendars, but they are not a regular user of the calendar. They use only when they get some motivation for becoming Successful etc. So I suggest you use them regularly another reason to use them usually is after using these calendars for regularly then you can easily be able to make your analysis report where you can analyze that what you have done in the recent months. If there is any lack then that can be completed in the next month but you must use it regularly so that you don’t feel guilty making your Self Appraisal report. Do you know that once negativity enters in your mind, then it becomes very sophisticated to get out from it? We usually give the negativity a chance to come in our body, and we stick with that and never let our self-free from that. I know that after having a lot of motivation now, you won’t do that work which will make you feel bad.

Enjoy every moment of the life and live happily because now you have the support of the Printable calendars if you are your boss then this calendar will help you to work as your assistant. Now you don’t have any need of hiring a person just to make your schedules and meetings when you are capable of doing so. If you can save your money by doing your work by yourself then why you depend on another person for making your work done.

There are so many simple mistakes that we do in our daily life which is not appreciable, and this is one of them. Some famous Philosophers had said that We must do our work By yourself this means that we must be self-dependent and not to depend on others just because of our business. If you promote this Self-dependency then people will appreciate you, but first they will curse you because you are snatching their comfort from them as they are almost dependent on the other person and thinking that this is good, but at the end of the life they will realize that they majorly depended on others because of their works. So first start with you and I am damn sure things will start changing by itself.

January 2019 Calendar with Notes


As we are starting with the new year and with the new month, so we must be start with the good thoughts and good vibes, If you will not bring any change from the earlier times then it is not good to enter in the new year because we are moving forward to earn the new things instead of taking the same view as before. If you are still like as you were in the past year then first do yourself stop and make a self-analysis report and make some changes in that and try to achieve that things in this year. There are so many issues that we people usually face in which Laziness is one of them, but I am damn sure you can quickly overcome with the laziness. I am saying this because I have also overcome this in the past with three methods:

  1. I made some immediate goals.
  2. Focus on Balance Dieting
  3. Indulge in Creative Work

I will go through with these methods in detail but first, reread these methods……….. I hope you have done with it. So discuss the first topic which is I made the immediate goals. This means I live in the present but it doesn’t mean I have no tension of my future but I don’t take it as stress. I take it lightly and expect it as my duty, and for that, I do create some near future goals that what should I have to do in the next time like after 3-4 hours or after one day etc. and in this printable calendars helps me a lot.

The second point is telling us to focus on the Balance Diet. I have experienced that the main reason for our laziness is overeating or junk food eating. If we control ourselves to not to eat much then we can overcome apathy quickly, and for this, you can download some balanced diet charts and follow that for a week, and I can surely say that you will see some real changes in your after following that.

Third point emphasis on don’t get Free, you must always make yourself indulge in some activity, and it is up to you that how much creativity you do that. We must satisfy our self in some work because “Idle mind devil’s workshop” or if you will not get anything to do then laziness will come to you, and it will make you its Slave :p. So I know that you will surely follow these things to make yourself away from the laziness. One quote comes to mind regarding this- Laziness Fuels more laziness and Activeness fuels more activeness. Now It is all up to you that how you enjoy your life or how you give shape to your life but be clear with you because your presence is going to shape your future.

I had said above that I will provide you all the Calendars in the Single PDF and same I have shared with you here in the Orange Link- January-2019-Calendar-PDF-Full
Click on the above link to get the PDF and then download it.

As I am summing up this article, at last, the only thing that I want to tell you to make the proper use of these printable calendars because downloading and printing etc. is not matters much. But it matters that do you use that regularly or not. My friend, starting anything is straightforward but doing something consistently is very tough.

So I suggest you start with some real motivation and your 2019 Year would be the best year because now you will learn the new things this year. Use these Printable Calendars daily, and you will surely get some significant and real change in you after some time.

If you have any suggestion for us regarding the above content then you can easily tell us in the comment box we will reply you soon. I pray for you that you will become the best person in your industry but rest is all up to you. God Bless you, Buddy.